Since its inception Choctaw Wildfire has been captivating audiences with its wild intensity and refreshing take on American music. A unique mix of honky-tonk roots, boogie-woogie soul, and the darkest corners of Americana sensibility, this Austin, TX piano band led by pianist and songwriter Charlie Pierce is setting the scene on fire. Fanning the flames are back-beat savant Leland Potter, Jack Shultz on upright and electric basses, and Jeremy Brandelick on guitar and pedal steel. 

Fronted by pianist and songwriter Charlie Pierce, whose deep riveting voice and dark narrative songs have drawn comparisons to Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, and Tom Waits and a piano pedigree that includes study with internationally renowned Chicago legends Chris Foreman of the Deep Blue Organ Trio (a protégée of Jimmy Smith) and Erwin Helfer (who played with Muddy Waters and performed regularly at Preservation Hall), Choctaw Wildfire represents the culmination of a lifetime of Charlie’s dedication to his musical craft. 
Manning the drums for Choctaw Wildfire is Lee Potter, a 20 year veteran of the Austin music scene and longtime spark plug for acts like Jeff Hughes, Cornell Hurd, and Bracken Hale. He has toured with Rosie Flores and Dale Watson, appeared on Austin City Limits (with Watson), and can be found on recordings by the Derailers, Chaparral, Charlie Burton, and the LaSalles among others.

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 "Omnipresence, bigass word: “the presence of God everywhere at the same time.” Charlie Pierce possesses such an Old Testament voice on Uh-Huh, that of the One Above or He That Dwells Down Below. No in-between here for Omniscient, the narrator. Think Orson Welles."

--Raoul Hernandez, Austin Chronicle

"Don’t expect Charlie Pierce to extinguish the flames, buddy. It’s all about the intensity, every step of the way. The front man and pianist for local band Choctaw Wildfire wields the power of a mighty honky-tonk boogie that will rattle the floor boards of any juke joint on earth."

--Laurie Gallardo, KUTX Music Minute

"Nowhere is a step up in their songwriting and their instrumental performance in every way. The bluesy swagger they play with is something akin to Leonard Choen's "Dance Me to the End of Love" or Tom Waits' Heart of Saturday Night, with a little of that old-time Texas flare that makes our Americana scene great."

--Corey Deiterman, The Houston Press

"Choctaw Wildfire's second album Nowhere isn't a podium-pounding political affair, but rather an emotive introspection on death, isolation, and freedom."

--Kevin Curtin, Austin Chronicle

"Though these folks are from Austin, they bring a New Orleans twist into their performances. Playing anything from heart-wrenching ballads to full-blown boogies, Choctaw Wildfire keeps the crowd on their toes and wanting more."

--Frenchman Street Live


Charlie Pierce


piano, vocals, songwriter

drums, vocals

guitars, pedal steel

electric bass, upright bass

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