In a town brimming with talent, Choctaw Wildfire has quickly become one of Austin's must-see acts. The Austin Chronicle calls them a 2015 "Best New Local Act" and praises their sophomore album Nowhere as one of the best local releases of 2015. While the band's raw intensity has captured the attention of the home town faithful, the intimacy and intrinsic beauty of Charlie Pierce's songs lie at the core of Choctaw Wildfire's appeal. There is great power in life's simple truths and Choctaw Wildfire proves this with every performance.

Charlie Pierce

Fronted by pianist and songwriter Charlie Pierce, whose deep riveting voice and dark narrative songs have drawn comparisons to Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, and Tom Waits and a piano pedigree that includes study with internationally renowned Chicago legends Chris Foreman of the Deep Blue Organ Trio (a protégé of Jimmy Smith) and Erwin Helfer (who played with Muddy Waters and performed regularly at Preservation Hall), Choctaw Wildfire represents the culmination of a lifetime of Charlie’s dedication to his musical craft.

Leland Potter

Manning the drums for Choctaw Wildfire is Lee Potter, a 20 year veteran of the Austin music scene and longtime spark plug for acts like Jeff Hughes, Cornell Hurd, and Bracken Hale. He has toured with Rosie Flores and Dale Watson, appeared on Austin City Limits (with Watson), and can be found on recordings by the Derailers, Chaparral, Charlie Burton, and the LaSalles among others. 


Spencer Jarmon

Guitar wizard and Austin legend, Spencer Jarmon, joins Choctaw Wildfire.


Zeke Jarmon


The newest member of Choctaw Wildfire, Zeke Jarmon, on bass.

Austin is a town full of legendary players, so you never know who will grace the stage. Whether they play pedal steel, tuba, clarinet, sax, or guitar…..the bottom line is they will be an amazing musician and bring something new and wonderful to a Choctaw Wildfire show.


Guest Piano Earl Poole Ball,  ( Johnny Cash ) sitting in w/ Charlie Pierce & Choctaw Wildfire

Charlie Pierce & Company